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All PO certification examinations consist of 100 scored and are only offered in English. The questions are job related and are designed to test the application of the knowledge and abilities needed to be a successful operator. 

Study and preparation for the PO certification exam is essential in passing on the first try. It's important to review exam content topics, use study materials available, and complete your exam with confidence.



Certification exams are administered  through our exam partner PSI through hundreds of testing centers globally, through PSI web-based testing, and will soon be available through PSI remote proctoring. 


Scheduling an exam is a simple process and can be completed in minutes.

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Through psychometric procedure and with proven content experts, the number to correct answers required to achieve a passing score for the exam has been determined. A passing score for PO certification exams is at least 70 out of 100. 

After completing an exam, candidates receive a score report with a breakdown of performance under each job duty outlined in the Need-to-Know Criteria.