Superior Water Starts With You

We're Raising the Standards for Water Treatment Safety through the Professional Operator Designation.

Water Professionals International (WPI) has been the global authority for professional certification of water and wastewater operators.  For over 50 years, we have partnered with state, provincial and territorial authority water treatment certification programs to ensure that their water and wastewater operators meet the highest professional standards. With the introduction of WPI’s Professional Operator Designation, we are moving the industry towards a uniform set of standards and testing criteria for water safety professionals.

Professional Operator

Professional Operators are recognized globally as the leading water and wastewater safety professionals.

Superior Water Starts With the Professional Operator Designation.

Although most jurisdictions administer operator certification programs to skilled professionals who keep our water sources safe and our environment clean, every state program is different. WPI’s Professional Operator Designation creates a global set of standards and testing criteria that reflect the best practices and protocols in the industry.

Step 1

Gather Documentation

Gather documentation for general education, continuing education, operating experience, and related experience.

Step 2

Create Your Profile

Log into the PO Certification (Certemy) and outline your work and education history to ensure basic qualifications are met.

Step 3

Submit an Application

Submit your application by completing all the steps on your Certemy application.

Step 4

Take the Exam

Take the PO exam within the 180-day eligibility period.

Step 5

Pass the Exam, and Become a PO!

Once you score a 70 or above on our standardized exam, you will be granted your PO Designation! Not only will you have immediate access to a certificate in your “Digitial Wallet” on Certemy, but a physical certificate, wallet card, PO pin, and literature will be mailed to you!

Step 6

Tell the World

As a new PO, you’ll want to share your accomplishment with your peers by adding your designation to your business cards, LinkedIn profile, and anywhere else people celebrate YOU! We will also tell the world by updating our active registry of POs and inviting you to pin ceremonies all over the world.

Superior Water Starts Here.

You are at the frontlines of protecting public health and the environment.   Show the world your commitment to public safety and the environment with the Professional Operator Designation. The Professional Operator designation is offered in water treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, and Wastewater Collection. Each discipline is offered at four levels, aligned with experience and education requirements.

Benefits of Having a PO On Your Team

  1. Screen potential new hires and select contractors
  2. Motivate employees to expand their knowledge and skills 
  3. Ensure the competence of employees and reduce employer risk

Benefits of Becoming a PO

  1. Career advancement and higher wage opportunities
  2. Show your competency and professionalism
  3. Gain a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals