Certification Through Reciprocity

Certification reciprocity is a process that allows individuals to have certain certifications recognized by multiple certifying authorities. This can be beneficial for those who are looking to advance their career, as they may be able to transfer certifications they already have from one certifying authority to another without having to go through the entire certification process again. Depending on the type of certification, different certifying authorities may have different requirements for reciprocity. It is best to research the specific certification you are interested in to understand the exact requirements for certification reciprocity. Please note WPI is unable to verify whether or not another certifying authority will accept your certification for reciprocity. Please get in touch with the certifying authority you wish to apply to for reciprical certification for confirmation of acceptance.

To apply for PO Certification by Reciprocity, please enroll in the correct application on Certemy, our Certification Management Software, as found in the links below. If you are new to the Certemy platform, please register for a new account. If you already have a Certemy account, please select “Sign In” to ensure the new application gets added to your existing account. After you have used the initial link, please use for all future login attempts. From there, you will want to complete all steps assigned to you- including filling out general information, work experience, current certification, education, payment, and attestation. Once all steps are complete, WPI staff will review your application. If you are approved, a certificate will be issued. If you do not qualify for reciprocity, you will be moved into the exam phase.

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If you are certified by another certification program and have taken and passed their certification exam with a score of 70 or above, you may qualify for certification through reciprocity. Please contact WPI to determine if the exam you took is considered to be equivalent to the standardized exam. If you do not qualify for certification through reciprocity, you may take the exam at the same level as your current certification, provided that you meet the other eligibility criteria.

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