Applying for Certification

To apply for your Professional Operator Certification, please enroll in the correct application on Certemy, our Certification Management Software using the links below. If you are new to the Certemy platform, please register for a new account. If you already have a Certemy account, or if you had an account in the old PO Portal, please select “Sign In,” and use your previous email, to ensure the new application gets added to your existing account. After you have used the initial link, please use for all future login attempts.

From there, you will want to complete all steps assigned to you- including filling out general information, work experience, education, payment, and the attestation. Once all steps are complete, WPI staff will review your application. Once approved, you will receive an email from our testing service partner, PSI, with instructions on how to set up your computerized exam at one of their testing locations located all over the world. If you are applying for reciprocity, your prior exam scores and test version will be verified. If approved for reciprocity, a certificate will be issued. If denied for reciprocity, you will be entered into the exam step.

There are many videos on the Certemy website for instructions on how to use the platform.

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