Becoming a PO puts you into a community of like-minded, elite operators who are committed to industry advocacy, mentorship, serving the public, and growing the industry. Utilizing the designation shows peers, customers, and the public that you have mastered the most rigorous vocational standards and agreed to a code of conduct.

Once you are granted your PO, you are provided with serval awards and documents. The PO certification pin is a great way to show your pride and dedication to the field. Each PO also receives a certificate and wallet card, so you never have to be without proof of your excellence. One of the core missions of the program is to bring recognition to the field. Like other designations for nurses or engineers, WPI hosts a variety of pinning ceremonies throughout the year. The pinning ceremony is a unique and special ceremony for the water community. Many operators hold the pinning ceremony in higher regard than a school commencement. The pinning symbolizes the operator’s hard work and dedication towards experience, education, and passing of the standardized exam. Like graduation, it Is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment of the operator; however, unlike graduation, it symbolizes the first step they have taken in their certification journey and their continued commitment to the field.