Exam Results

Passing an Exam

The passing score for a PO certification exam is 70 out of 100. This passing score has been established from a base form of the respective credentialing examination using a modified Angoff procedure. This accepted psychometric procedure uses the judgments of content experts to determine the number of correct answers required to achieve the passing score for the exam.

​Once a candidate passes the exam, his or her certification will be automatically processed. The candidate will be provided with appropriate certification and professional designation documentation within 30 days of the exam pass date. The certification will remain active for two years.

When Exam is Not Passed

If a candidate does not obtain a passing score, they may retake the exam by submitting the appropriate fee to PSI and scheduling the next attempt. Applicants may retake an exam as often as every 30 days within their initial 180-day exam eligibility window.

Suppose the candidate cannot pass the exam in the 180-day eligibility period. In that case, they must reapply on Certemy, including payment of applicable application fees, before being allowed another exam attempt.

Exam Score Report

After completing an exam, the candidate will receive a score report. The score report is provided for the candidate’s records. It can identify areas for improvement by cross-referencing the breakdown of candidate performance on each job duty with the Need-to-Know Criteria.


  • A photo of the candidate
  • Candidate name
  • Exam date
  • Exam name
  • Exam provider
  • Score earned
  • Breakdown of candidate performance of each job duty outlined in the Need-to-Know Criteria.
  • General instructions based on the score received

Candidates should keep the score report copy for record-keeping purposes, as there is a fee to request a duplicate copy.

Cancellation of Scores

C2EP, along with its partner PSI, are concerned that only valid scores are reported. On rare occasions, circumstances may make examination scores invalid. C2EP reserves the right to cancel or withhold any examination scores if there is reason to question their validity. Potential reasons scores may be canceled or invalidated include:

  • Suspected misconduct; in such circumstances, candidates must cooperate with the investigation of their scores. If scores are canceled because of suspected candidate misconduct, C2EP will investigate to decide if candidates may retake the examination.
  • Mistiming or emergency. C2EP will investigate such situations. If circumstances result in the cancellation of a candidate’s scores, C2EP is notified that there are no reportable scores for reasons beyond the candidate’s control. C2EP will decide what to do next.
  • Policies outlined in the PO Candidate Handbook are found to have been violated. C2EP will decide what disciplinary action is appropriate and what to do next.