Professional Operators: Celebrate Your Achievements with These Inspiring Social Graphics

In recognition of the remarkable accomplishments of Professional Operators throughout the water industry, a new collection of engaging and informative social graphics has been released. These eye-catching visuals celebrate the hard work, dedication, and innovation that have significantly improved water management and conservation worldwide. Water industry professionals are encouraged to share these graphics with their peers on social media, showcasing their collective pride and spreading awareness of the sector’s critical contributions to global sustainability and public health.

Download the social graphics (ZIP)

Professional Operator Brand Guidelines and Logos for Download

We are excited to announce the release of our all-inclusive Professional Operator brand guidelines, accompanied by a selection of high-quality Professional Operator logos, now available for download. The brand guidelines provide valuable information on key elements such as logo positioning, typography, color schemes, and more. Additionally, the Professional Operator logos offer the expertly designed PO logo in a variety of image formats to suit different requirements.

Download the Professional Operator Brand Guidelines (PDF)